When writing fiction, visualising characters is the most important part to me. Characters are almost always the basis of my stories. I got into a habit of trying to recreate their appearance with Cast Cards, used a lot on fanfiction forums.

This blog is simply a celebration of art in images and a way to mentally 'see' people and places featured in my stories. Massive Disclaimer: most (if not all) of the images do not belong to me (I found a lot of them on Google) and I have only used them to create a different artistic view, so all due respect is given to the creator or artist of the images when possible.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Sims Social On Facebook

Happy New Year's Eve.

All of my blogs will be updated tomorrow. ALL OF THEM.
Today is just the non-fiction ones, P Sov, Alt Ego - and this one, Img Arc.

Can't get enough of the cuteness.

This isn't Jade Rose by the way. I hadn't created her at that time.

The Game

Back when I had a Facebook, The Sims Social game was the only game I liked playing on it. For a while, it was the only reason I went on facebook. I loved doing the quests and getting more money to improve my sims skills and appearance and house or whatever. I remembered I screen-saved a lot of the looks when i heard that the game was gonna be shut down. Nevermind. It was fun while it lasted.

See you on the other side.

Star xx


  1. It always sad when a game stops when you like it so much, especially when you put so much effort and time in the game. Probably it wasn't popular enough. I adored your sim very much, she looked so adorable :D

    1. True. Or perhaps the Maxis-whatever team wanted to put all of their efforts into The Sims 4, which is being released sometime this year. Who can tell?
      Thanks! I'm glad I took screenshots so I can replicate her in other Sims games, hahahahehe :D Have a good evenin'!